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Facilitating the development, support and promotion of all trade, industrial, tourism and cultural relations between the Czech Republic and Pakistan

To support economic relations between the Czech Republic and Pakistan in terms of trade, industry, agriculture, finance, transport, technology, professional activities and other related activities

To assist business members and individuals in establishing and carrying out trade relations between Pakistan and the Czech Republic and to facilitate trade between the two States by all legal means

Collect and disseminate information related to trade, industry, agriculture, finance, transport, technology, professional activities, tax and related laws, economic and other issues

Our Mission

  • To strive for a constructive solution to the problems in trade relations between the Czech Republic and Pakistan
  • Protect and promote the common economic interests of its members
  • Organizing events, seminars and other business related activities
  • Represent, express and promote the views and opinions of the members of the Chamber in all economic, commercial, financial, industrial and other related matters
  • Take all legal steps to achieve these goals.


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Živan Vašica

Executive Secretory
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Ahsan Aslam

President CzePak
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Petr Šmejcký

Vice President

Zahid Rashid

Vice President


Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute as individual, company or non-profit organisation, you make a real and lasting difference in the Pak-Czech business relationships.


Our latest news

In 2018, Pakistan pledged to plant ten billion trees in an effort to slow climate change and to replenish a landscape. That’s lot of trees. The program name is 10 Billion Tree Tsunami.

Diplomatic offices of the Czech Republic in 20 countries have resumed their work after being closed for several weeks now due to the Coronavirus developments

EU approves 5.2 bln euro Czech loan guarantee scheme for exporters - BRUSSELS, May 5 (Reuters) - The European Commission approved on Tuesday 5.2 billion euro Czech loan guarantee scheme

The Czech delegation, which will be led by its Ministry of Commerce, will explore possibilities of JVs and business collaborations in Pakistan - ISLAMABAD: The Czech Republic considers Pakistan a potential market for business...


Celorepublikový Networkingový Golf

26.6.2020 14:00 – 20:00 hod

Autokino na výstavišti

28. 04. – 31. 05. 2020

Brno Revival

20 – 21.6.2020


27 – 28.6.2020


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